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Dream 2015!

How else will I call it but that? My attempt to build up a house of my own I had aptly labelled Dream 2015. It happened as dreamed. It took me five months waiting

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As I imagine it

The excitement does not simply die down. Like teenage love. Maybe like an adult obsession, too. I am talking about or referring to a personal project I took the risk of embarking on almost

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June started quite abruptly, like May had still some unfinished business. I did not feel its coming, or, I have not seen it coming. Maybe because I was too preoccupied by things that the

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A Different Kind of Fiesta at Palawan

Puerto Princesa was at its usual self when we came. Always ready to welcome visitors. It was a humid afternoon but the warmth of its people was enough to make the feeling extra different.

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Summer and somersault

The morning sun stares me straight in the eye. The heat is painful. It wakes me up, telling me “it’s time to move on and spend at least 30 minutes of my wake-up time

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Sa Barberya

While at the barbershop this afternoon to have my twice-a-month hair care, I was so at peace, I had taken a nap longer than I had expected. Maybe the process was so long, it

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Bringing something in

Lately, I take a special interest watching this TLC feature called “Eskimos in San Diego.” You can imagine what this TV program is all about: a reality show narrating the fun and adventure and

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Beautiful sunsets

They are just the same. Both beautiful. Awesome! These could describe the sunsets I had seen separately at Beijing, China and Cebu City the last two weeks of this month. Beautiful sunsets then are

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Crazy Katsu + The Sweet Spot

20 September 2014. After the three-hour research writeshop, which I facilitated for teachers held at Ateneo de Manila University, we met Ciel and Owie, two of my Manila-based pamangkins, at UP Diliman campus. The

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I haven’t written anything for the last two months here! That’s unusual for moi who would usually spend the weekend reading and blogging and writing much (any given writing project occupies my weekend, at

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